CL-S700 Citizen CL-S700 Thermal Printer
Citizen CL-S700 Thermal Printer

The CL-S700 is designed with Easy Access in mind from the very beginning.

Our Hi-Open™ case opens “vertically” meaning that the footprint of the printer does not increase when the cover is open. The printer can be placed between a wall and computer case, for example, and still the case can be opened for media loading.

Ribbon loading is equally quick and easy with the Hi-Lift™ metal mechanism opening to a full 90° to allow for easy ribbon access.

Ribbons are simply wrapped around the printhead with no need to feed through a complex mechanism

The CL-S700 works with ribbons up to 450 metres long (1476 feet) either inside or outside wound for maximum flexibility and minimum downtime.

Naturally, an industrial strength printer comes in a heavy duty metal enclosure to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation.

The printer can hold a full-sized roll of media (8 inches or 200mm outside diameter) on a small core (1 inch or 25mm) for maximum operational up-time.

This also make media loading simple with unobstructed access to the media path.

Continuing the idea of simple, easy access the power switch is conveniently located at the front of the printer. Above is the large graphic LCD for clear indication of printer status and easy printer configuration. As well as indicating the printer's current status, like "Media Out" or "OnLine Ready", the LCD panel can be used to make minor adjustments and configurations to the printer, quickly and easily in a logical and simple-to-use menu system.

When you have finished changing the media, the top cover closes gently for both user safety and user courtesy.

Our ARCP™ ribbon system - Active Ribbon Control & Positioning - completely eliminates ribbon wrinkle and media slippage on small or specialist media, especially important for longer ribbons.

Standard connectivity is by parallel, serial and USB interfaces and optional Ethernet and Wireless LAN cards can be installed, even by a user

Front Loading Internal Rewinder: For easy rewinding of either the liner in peel mode or printing of batches of labels, the front of CL-S700R version of our printer drops down for the simplest rewinder operation ever seen!

Cross-Emulation™: Supports both Datamax® and Zebra® emulations. If the printer is in standard mode and Zebra ZPL-II® code is sent to the printer, the printer will display a message and offer to switch emulations automatically.

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CLP-631 Citizen CLP-631 Thermal Printer 300dpi
Citizen CLP-631 Thermal Printer 300dpi

300 dpi resolution for precision printing

High resolution label printers generally are used for a few of the "more specialist" areas and applications. The most popular are as follows:

compliance printing of EAN barcodes e.g. in retail and automotive

in manufacturing for printing of small labels, serial number rating plates, WEEE logos, etc.

medical and hospital applications such as wristbands, samples etc (and especially 2D barcodes)

generally for applications using 2D barcodes and high data labels where 300 dpi gives a greater clarity in a smaller size.

EAN Barcode compliance

EAN barcodes (the standard barcode you see on every item in the shops) should be printed at 300 dpi to be compliant which means matching the official standards.

200 dpi barcodes still work well but if you have a product in a curved packet, a 200 dpi barcode is too long and stretches "out of sight" round the edge of the item, making it difficult to scan.

300 dpi barcodes are 33% shorter and therefore fit in to the limited space on products and offer better readability on curved, small or uneven surfaces.

Manufacturing and Production

Most production lines of electrical, electronic or computer-related products have rating plates on the back of the devices. These are usually printed on "silver" labels (PET - Polyester) and contain small logos and details for the product's approval such as the new "WEEE" logo, CE logos and company logos.

All these logos print that much more clearly and crisply at 300 dpi and of course you can print the variable data like serial numbers, production dates or batch codes.

Wristband Printing

The high-resolution of 300 dpi is idea for children's wristband printing in hospitals. With the quaility of 300 dpi, a photograph of the patient can even be printed on the wristband for further security.

Also, a 2D barcode can be more easily encoded with more information, again for greater security

2D Barcodes in General

Often 2D barcodes are used for places where a lot of data has to be printed in a small space, such as on products like small circuit boards or mobile phone batteries and products.

The 300 dpi resolution allows these to be printed in even more accuracy than normal and still taking up even less space.

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CLP-8301 Citizen CLP-8301 Thermal Printer
Citizen CLP-8301 Thermal Printer

Reliability and ease-of-use as standard

A Citizen tradition has been its Hi-Lift™ clamshell mechanisms. Often emulated (but never bettered) our engineers developed a newer and even simpler system whilst maintaining an all-metal construction to make sure the printer is reliable and precise.

The printhead can be raised wide open for easy cleaning and servicing and media loading. The cleverly designed media arm helps media loading and includes an adjustable media sensor allowing you to detect black marks, label gaps and notchs across the media.

The colour-coded operator levers within the printer are designed to make media loading incredibly simple and fool-proof.

Typical applications include:

pallet labels such as ODETTE, SSCC, AIAG. Widely used in the motor industry and more recently in the general logistics markets, wide-format labels are used to give big, clear labels on pallets of goods shipped by truck or container.

Replacement for continuous and regular laser printers in warehouses and other 'hostile' environments where dust and dirt cause regular problems with laser printers. The CLP 8301 is often used with a 'tear wait' or 'autocutter' option.

Chemical drum labelling. Often using labels with pre-printed coloured boxes, the details of the drum contents and mandatory warning signs are over-printed in black on a drum-by-drum basis.

Wide-format banner printing. For customer who need to print on 'long' synthetic materials like polyproylene.

Wide range of connectivity: Parallel and serial ports are included as standard on the printer with optional IEEE1284 parallel, Ethernet and Wireless LAN interfaces which can be easily installed.

The LCD control panel allows you to make changes to the printer's configuration very quickly with logically set out menus and categories to quickly adjust the printer’s operation.

With quick servicing in mind, the printhead and the media plattens can each be changed in just one minute!

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Citizen Direct Thermal Printer 200dpi - ExDemo

ExDemo Citizen Printer.

No Box.

No Cables.

Does Include User manuals and Disks.

RRP: £335

Tested before dispatch.

Price: £100.00 (ex vat)  £117.50 (inc vat)



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